Meet The Executive Board

Our club’s board is elected annually and consists of up to ten members who can further develop their leadership skills through their team roles.

President: Eric

Eric is an inventor and engineer who likes to see and do cool and exciting things and take care of the people he cares about. For fun, he enjoys volunteering, teaching, and mentoring, creating music, designing electronic circuits (especially ones with lots of LEDs), and various outdoor activities. His current work involves designing sensors that capture radar and radio signals to help ships, planes, and satellites navigate more safely while detecting and locating hostile or criminal ships that may be trying to hide. Eric was awarded Rotaractor of the Year in 2022 for his exceptional work in Rotaract District 5040.

Vice President: Amrit

Amrit joined the Vancouver Young Professionals in 2019, became Community Service Director in 2020, and Vice President in 2023. Amrit is currently studying English, philosophy, and law at Simon Fraser University. He previously worked in various crew member positions in Vancouver’s film industry. Amrit’s interests outside of volunteering include literature, meditation, and wrestling.

Social & Membership Director: Julia

Julia has studied voice, acting, and dance for over 15 years and has performed classical, theatrical, and contemporary music all over Canada and the United States.  Julia is the Project Coordinator at Early Music Vancouver, a non-profit music organization, and she is also working to get her PMP by 2026. Julia is a Past President of The Vancouver Young Professionals Rotaract Club and the Past District Rotaract Representative for District 5040. 

Secretary: Ben

Ben is a past president of VYP and has been a club member since 2018. In his professional life, Ben is a lawyer with a practice focused on strata property law and real estate disputes at the law firm Hamilton & Company. Ben aspires to be a fisherman and is an enthusiastic but untalented recreational soccer and ice hockey player.

International Services Director: David R. Wray, MA

David joined Rotaract in December 2020. Professionally, David is a teacher of liberal studies at LaSalle College Vancouver and wishes to pursue a PhD in the near future with a focus on technology, media, and culture. His academic pursuits run alongside his commitment to the community and his desire to perform. In his free time, David likes hiking, playing board games, and playing his guitar.

Director of Public Relations: Nik

The Director of Public Relations’ primary role is to positively promote the Club and the causes we support to the broader community. Nik has been a member since June 2022. Professionally, he is a college instructor and a pastry chef. Nik believes community service is when you do something for someone else without expecting a reward or money in return. This service should benefit someone other than yourself and should be performed because you want to help rather than because you are obligated to.

Treasurer: Lauren

Lauren has been a club member since September 2019. She was previously involved with the Rotaract Club of Downtown Montreal. She also participated in a Rotary Youth Exchange to Brazil while she was in high school. She works in accounting, and during her free time, she enjoys hiking, reading, and learning piano.

Rotary & Interact Liaison: Rijul

Director of Community Services: Gunesh

Gunesh is a software engineer who has been living in Vancouver since 2020. Being grateful to live in such a beautiful place, Gunesh is passionate about being involved in the community by coming together with like-minded people. His interests include backpacking, snowboarding, playing soccer, and chess.

Join The Executive Team

If you are interested in becoming a member of the executive team, head on over to our membership registration form, and become a club member. Executive team elections occur between April and June each year.