Bundle: Wrong Wave 666 & Tear It Down-Catalogue for a once-ephemeral poster kiosk project, 2018-2019


WRONG WAVE 666 was produced to accompany the multi-site, multi-disciplinary festival Wrong Wave No.6, held October 10-13, 2018. Edited by curator KC Wei, this artist book catalogue is a bounded collage of materials, playlists, notes, writings and drawings contributed by the festival’s participants.

Included, are images taken from the artistic and musical practices of Pale Red (Myles Black, Portia Boehm, Charlotte Coleman), dashes (John Brennan, Elisa Ferrari), Crotch (Isabelle Ford, Jeremy Van Wyck), Shearing Pinx (Isabelle Ford, Nic Hughes, Jeremy Van Wyck), Maskara (Nic Hughes), My Name is Del (Del Hillier), Julian Hou, Tiziana La Melia, Kamikaze Nurse (KC Wei, John Brennan, Ethan Reyes, Nikolai Gauer), Late Spring (KC Wei, Nikolai Gauer, Ryan Matheison, Nat Mutter), and hazy (KC Wei).

6″ X 7.5″, 60 pages, full colour


Designed by Ricky Castenedo-Laredo and printed with Moniker Press, this catalogue features poster art by all participating artists of Tear It Down 2018-2019, an introduction by Brit Bachmann, a reflection on the 2019 exhibition by Sydney Ball, and an email-correspondence between 2018 curators Kay Higgins and Jamie Ward.

This limited edition riso-printed catalogue documents Tear It Down, an ephemeral group art exhibition on poster kiosks, which ran in two instalments, 2018-2019. Initially conceived and curated by Kay Higgins and Jamie Ward, 2018 featured posters by Caitlin Chaisson, Juan Cisneros Neumann, Sharona Franklin, Heather Kai Smith, Splenda, and TEMPORARY INVESTMENTS. 2019 was curated by Brit Bachmann, and featured posters by @fucknovancouver, Hue Nguyen, Dana Kearley, and MT Mann, and the addition of Sydney Ball as writer-in-residence.

The books are printed with four cover variations, and with randomized coloured paper throughout. When you purchase this book, you may specify in the notes which colour of cover you would prefer—yellow, orange, red, or blue.softcover, 38 pages. 10″ x 8″


Donated by – Brit Bachmann – UNIT/PITT Society for Art and Critical Awarness
Value – 40$