Bundle: Vancouver Anthology edited by Stand Douglas & Ten Show

Vancouver Anthology:

This anthology contains essays from a lecture series, Vancouver Anthology: Lectures on Art in British Columbia. During the lecture series, each writer tested their research on art and politics in the public. The papers document Vancouver’s cultural practices— artist-run centres, experimental performance, feminist activity, and much more.

Contributors: Keith Wallace, Sara Diamond, Nancy Shaw, Maria Insell, William Wood, Carol Williams, Robin Peck, Robert Linsley, Scott Watson, Marcia Crosby

Edited by: Stan Douglas

6.50 W × 9.50 H × 1.13 D, Hardback

Pages: 368

Ten Shows 

Ten shows catalogues ten slideshow exhibitions curated by Barb Choit and presented at the renown California Institute of the Arts. The slides illustrate CalArts’ history and its place in the artworld.

12.5 × 12.5 cm, Softcover

Food for Thought

332 artists, 290 exhibitions, 20 years, 11 curators and one gallery!
Rather than an exhausted survey, this book is an anecdotal history; conversations for and about the individuals, institutions and community that has supported the Or throughout the last 20 years.


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