Australian Indigenous Painting On Canvas

This painting depicts women along with digging sticks and coolamon (a carved vessel to carry food or infants) in the four corners of the painting. In the centre of the painting, you can see the women have gathered Honey Ants, Witchetty Grub’s, and some berries to take home to the tribe. In Australian Aboriginal culture digging bushes for food is a duty of the women.
The painting is an original from a local Indigenous artist in Alice Spring’s, Australia. This piece was collected by a Rotaractors mother, who works in the area and has a close relationship with the local Aboriginal People.
There is no written language for Australian Aboriginal People, so in order to convey their important cultural stories through the generations it is portrayed by symbols/icons through their artwork. The use of symbols is an alternate way to writing down stories of cultural significance, teaching survival and use of the land. The interpretations of the iconography, patterns, and colours differ depending on the audience.